Candy and the Diabetic Reponse

Being diagnosed as a diabetic can be scary and most people ask if they can still eat candy and be a diabetic. There are two types of diabetes and neither one really need to be eating candy. However, to tell some people that they can never have a bite of cake or any sweets again is unrealistic.

Like with anything in life, it is important for people who have sugar problems to limit the candy and any items with sugar as much as possible. Since most diabetics monitor their sugar constantly, they can determine easily when they have ate too much and adjust it accordingly. Except when you’re sleeping and using your Zyppah mouthpiece.

Thankfully, there are several great sugar free options on the market today. Those who had diabetes in years gone by did not have the solutions there are today. Sugar substitutes make it easy for diabetics to be able to enjoy the foods they loved, without the harsh side effects.

Cooking one’s own foods is a great way to monitor the sugars. Making yummy fudge and cookies can be easily done with sugar substitutes and can taste wonderful. Diet sodas, sugar free candies are all something that can easily be purchased at any grocery store today.


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